Rubicone found in 1959 with a brand founded from a beautiful Italian business story, rooted in the best wishes. Rubicone is a world famous Italian ice cream manufacturer, based in Cesena, Italy and many offices in other countries around the world. Headquartered on hundreds of hectares of land and offices producing thousands of square meters for production and research and development.

Established in 1959 in Cesena, PRODOTTI RUBICONE, is based in the very heart of Romagna, which is one of the main hubs of Italian Good Taste. Over the first years, the company devoted itself to meeting the needs of local gelato artisans achieving growing success. After taking part in the first industry specific trade fairs, RUBICONE gradually became well-known in Italy and in the important German market. The refined Good Taste of its recipes comes from the local pastry tradition. Products such as Tiramisù, Panna Cotta, Crema Antica and Mascarpone are just some of the traditional products greatly appreciated by artisanal Gelato lovers.

Today, RUBICONE is present in artisan laboratories across all five continents and contributes to representing the Italian Good Taste worldwide. Its wide range of both traditional ingredients and innovative formulations allows to meet the productive needs of gelato artisans and modern industrial laboratories. The Good Taste of RUBICONE is guaranteed by a team of quality-driven professionals.

Gelato Bases are powdered products constituting the indispensable ally in your daily work in the laboratory and the basic ingredient to arrange your Gelato display case. The number shown with the product name indicates the quantity of powder (in grams) that you need to add to 1 litre of milk or water to obtain the base mix. The higher the number, the greater the content of functional ingredients such as proteins, reducing sugars, fats and fibres to obtain a structured and creamy Gelato while enhancing the aromas of the different flavours.

Soft Gelato prepared on the spot: this is the world of Soft Gelato and Frozen Yogurt. Soft Gelato has all the tastiness of Artisanal Gelato in creamy and velvety Soft serve. It is available in many Classic and Fruit flavours. In few simple steps, you can obtain a fresh artisanal Gelato without using a batch freezer. All you have to do is mix the content of the bag with water or milk and pour the mixture in the Soft serve machines. The Frozen Yogurt line includes a wide range of premixes both to mix with milk and water. The line includes some timeless yogurt flavours: American style fresh and sour, Greek, Fat Free, the new Vegan version and many more exquisite offers.

Classic and Fruit Flavouring Pastes are so special in Rubicone, you can find the best ingredients of the Italian Gelato-making and pastry tradition in the Italian Classic Pastes. RUBICONE has carefully combined them following traditional recipes and after more than 50 years of delicious and passionate experiments we can offer you rich Pastes to take the Italian charm to your Gelato display case. Fruit Pastes are a whole rainbow of flavours and the perfect ingredient to enhance the taste of fruit, which cannot release all its original flavours at the low temperature of the Gelato display case. In this way your Gelato will retain its taste and colour over time.

Integrators provide you with all you need to enhance the structure of Gelato and customise the final result. You can add them to the white base and to fruit gelato mixes and sorbets.

Variegati are a real delight to the palate! They are formulated to remain soft even at -20°C and can be easily spread over and into Gelato, whether freshly made or just extracted from the blast freezer. Variegati are ideal for decorating Gelato trays and great for filling Gelato sundaes, Semifreddos and Soft- serve Gelato. Creamy Variegati are delicious sauces rich in pieces of nuts, biscuit chunks, grains, wafers and more. They boost your creativity and allow you to make a Gelato that produces fantastic sensations to the palate. Like a delicious cascade, Fruit Variegati turn your trays into actual masterpieces. These are sauces with fruit pieces, specifically formulated to remain shiny and fresh on Gelato.

With RUBICONE's Frozen Pastry line, every Gelato Maker becomes a Pastry Chef. This is a range of products to make many different preparations such as Gelato Cakes, Semifreddos, Custard, Mousse, Tiramisù. Have fun customising every recipe with Flavouring Pastes, Variegati, Cremini and the countless Grains. Finally, we are delighted to present the line dedicated to artisanal Gelato Sticks, Bon Bons and pralines, which includes a specific base and chocolate Coatings available in many different flavours and colours.

Making fantastic decorations with the Topping line is real fun. These delicious sauces without pieces are designed to remain soft even at -20°C and are packaged in handy plastic squeezable bottles. Toppings are great to decorate Gelato trays, Gelato sundaes, Semifreddos and Soft Gelato.

Offer a refreshing break to your customers with ready-to-use products for the slush machine. Cream Ice is a line of premixes to make delicious Frozen Creams, quick to prepare using water or milk, according to the recipe. Moreover, by adjusting the machine temperature, you can change the texture of your Frozen Creams, making it more or less similar to express Gelato. And can you resist to an Italian Slush on a hot summer day? The cold dessert of the Sicilian tradition can be prepared quickly thanks to the powdered Slushes line.

RUBICONE (1959) produces proudly in Italy semi-finished ingredients for Gelato, soft ice cream, yogurt ice cream, slush ice cream. Rubicone motto is "Good taste in Italian Gelato" and it holds the Company's mission: to deliver the keys Gelato art in the world.

In 50's Mr Giuliano Rasi, founder of RUBICONE, created the FIRST complete bases for the preparation of Italian Gelato. What an idea (easy and revolutionary)! Immediately Gelato Makers become fanatic for Gelato Bases because at that time they could only count on Neutral powders. 

10 reasons to choose Rubicone: 1 - Italian production, 2 - Speak directly with technical staff to get a professional opinion on your project, 3 - We have a fast and flexible production, 4 - We check every incoming raw materials, 5 - Many our products have Kosher and Halal certifications, 6 -  97% of our products are Gluten Free, 7- You can customize your recipes, 8 - We offer practical training at GELATO COLLEGE, 9 -  We offer you advice on what equipment to buy, 10 - Export no problem! We provide veterinary certification and labeling for your market.

RUBICONE is present in Five Continents: exports to Australia, China and the Far East, the Arab countries, the Mediterranean and Europe, Africa and Americas.
Supplies worldwide Gelato & FrozenYogurt stores and n. 8 food chains which use RUBICONE's ingredients for their franchise point of sales.

In line with international requirements : To align with foreign requirements the Company is ISO 9001 certified. Many products are Halal certificated for exporting in the Arab countries and also we have a lot of products with the Kosher certification dedicated to Jewish consumers.


RUBICONE focuses on the sharing of corporate objectives among all employees, frequently organizes meetings to discuss the ongoing projects and future challenges to foster a spirit of cooperation and commitment. We support the new generations with a program of internships, which in many cases has led young girls and boys to be included in the company after a period of training. 


Call (+8424) 2321. 1111 - 3906 8888

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Vuakem, one of the best channels for selling ice cream powders, ice cream machines, coffee machines, bakery equipments, focusing on importing ice cream powders, ice cream machines, ice cream tools, coffee machines, ice machines, kitchen equipments from Italy, USA, Germany ..

This is a story of great commitment and passion, the story of founders and staff  who have dedicated their lives to search order to bring the valuable products to the customers. 

Vuakem is the address for ice cream powders, ice cream flavors, fruit pastes, topping, pure, sirup to make the best mixes of ice cream, ice blend, coffee, bakery and promote of the beverage solution and food.


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Firstly, founded from the online company since 2010, after that everyone knows as VUA KEM (Gelato King) until now. As a famous brand focusing on selling gelato ingredients, fastfood equipment, and coffee machines, VUA KEM (Gelato King) always develop high quality products from Europe, especially in Italia later.

Secondly, Established in 2016 as a small dealer side by side of Singapore Company in Vietnam, after that TADAVINA (VUA KEM) quickly become an importing company as directly representative, distributors of gelato ingredients, ice cream machines, gelato showcases, and coffee beans … to the restaurants, hotels, resorts, and shops all over Vietnam.  

Thirdly, with online experience, TADAVINA have got many websites to support the customers finding the potential products, from here TADAVINA supply better all services as ice cream training, repairing, setting up, and renting gelato or coffee machines many years ago.  Our slogan as “Simple is Quality”.

Luckily, there are two potential companies supported well as Prodotti Rubicone (Italia) and Taycool (China) in 2016. It seems a first goodluck for TADAVINA (2016) – a new company of importing about gelato ingredients or ice cream machines because no more companies are interested in small companies without processing the oversea importing documents. And then, we tried our best to do everything, to gain everything from Italian companies related in gelato, coffee, and beverage industries until now.

Many thanks of our partners, close friends that gave us big chance to work together.

At TADAVINA, All customers can buy and use gelato ingedients, yogurt machines, gelato showase, coffee bean, coffee machines or renting services for all projects as the same way and forever.

In 2017, TADAVINA is the only distributor for  Prodotti Rubicone (1959) in Cesena – produce Gelato Ingredients, Frozen Yogurt, Soft ice cream in Italia, one of the main hubs of Italian Good Taste, wide range of both traditional ingredients and innovative formulations allows to meet the productive needs of gelato artisans and modern industrial laboratories now.

In 2017, TADAVINA is the only distributor for TAYCOOL (2002), China - a leader company at an international level in the field of the commercial refrigeration as ice cream machines, yogurt machines.

In 2017, TADAVINA is the only distributor for COFRIMELL (1981), Italia - a leader company at an international level in the field of the commercial refrigeration as dispnenser, slush machines, granita machines.

In 2017, TADAVINA is the distributor for FAMA Industries (1953), Italia - a family run businessopen to innovationand market requirements, 65 years history of expertise, knowledge and skill, built up a strong reputation as one of the top manufacturers of food preparation equipment as state-of-the-art technology designed to improve everyday life.

In 2018, TADAVINA is the distributor for Adler (1960), Italia – manufacturer of commercial dishwasher around the world.

In 2018, TADAVINA is the only distributor for Innova Italia (1978), Italia - manufacturer of batch freezers, pasteurizers, soft serve machines, hade-made in 100% Italia, with luxury machines.

In 2018, TADAVINA is the only distributor for TECHFROST (1995), Italia – one of the first producers of blast chillers / blast freezers for F&B, especially gelato and bakery.

In 2019, TADAVINA is the only distributor for CAMARDO (1951), Italia- one of the first Italian brands to export Italian coffee beans, roasted coffee blends to Australia, Canada and United States, Korea, Vietnam, Russia, England... 

In 2019, TADAVINA is the only distributor for GELATEC (2010), Greece - design and the manufacture of professional equipment fitted for confectionery, hotel, restaurant, bar and catering facilities, specialised in professional refrigerators, showcases and stainless steel constructions for gelato shops, bakery shops.

Besides, TADAVINA is the distributors for Fracino England (1963), about coffee machines, Promac Italia (1982) about coffee machines, VEMA Italia (1953) about Milkshake machines, Piza Ovens in Vietnam.

From 2019, TADAVINA started participating Food Exhibitions in Vietnam for introducing main products there. While TADAVINA always find more potential partners, other producers in the future, and conquer new success together.

Today we are proud of your support over the world, from our friends, our partners and our customers, while you have help us to build one valued brand like  TADAVINA.

TADAVINA is one of the best importing and exporting companies, representing and selling food ingredients, ice cream powders, ice cream machines, slush machines, dispenser machines, coffee machines, bakery equipments, focusing on importing directly ice cream powders, ice cream machines, showcase cabinets, ice cream tools, coffee machines, coffee bean, coffee capsule, ice machines, and kitchen equipments.

TADAVINA are supplying for both of retail customers and dealers, 5-star projects from My Way, Bene, Moca, Muong Thanh, Sungroup, FLC, Vingroup, Redsun, JW Marriot, Duyen Ha Resort, Sherraton, Sofitel, Vinpearl & BanaHils, Novotel, Amanoi, Sixsenses etc...

TADAVINA is always leading!

Simple Is Quality ! It's our slogan ! We - Vuakem introduce all importing ice cream powders, machines, tools related about ice cream equipments, cofffee machines, ice machines, bakery equipments and instruments for ice cream shops, bars and restaurants, 5 star hotels. We disire to be the representative for the branding development, designing website, SEO products and branding co-operation within the Vietnam and over the world.

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Buy ice cream poddwers, ice cream machines online with a fast, favorable way ! 

Soft or gelato ice cream powders and flavors; soft or gelato machines; hand mixers for ice cream shops, are our main products that we represent and distribute, sell for ice cream shops, ice cream makers. They are imported from Italy, USA, USA, Germany, France, Turkey, China, Taiwan... Vuakem is a interesting address, easy to find and buy! Sure! You can buy at home, at office and shops when you research in Google with related products to buy. Best products will be found out to buy in! You will see our products with fast and easy way, in online! Access the website, read the information, see the products to buy, and then you can call, send email, click item Order inside the website for comfirm or advice free again. All your orders will be resolved quickly, you will pay before you can receive the goods! Our success depends on the trust of business, ready to serve you a week now! 

Our development principle with “Simple Is Quality” ! 

In order to supply best products in ice cream, bakery, beverages, and then we have built a selling channel for ice cream shops, coffee shops, bakery shops. Here they can buy best ice cream powders, favorite ice cream flavors,  ice cream machines, tools for ice cream shops, created and developed since 2010 in Vietnam. With many surrounded websites run on all the PC, Mobile, Tabs… makes visitors enjoy each day, easy to find out the products when you need to buy,  the exact maps to guide to purchasing address. Project of has been developed by TADAVINA Co., Ltd. Destination of delicious ice cream ! 

‘Make delicious ice cream both of soft and gelato’, you will find out, we will introduce detail each product with the exact origins, product videos for guiding in making ice cream, help you to soft ice cream podders, gelato ice cream powders, favorite flavors, even frozen yogurt, fat additives, stabilizered cream easily. Look for new products, read the information on brands that make ice cream powders, ice cream machines are so famous in the world like Rubicone, Fama, Cofrimell, Innova, Techfrost, Promac, Gelatec, Camardo, Tecmach, Taycool, Adler, Vema and other brands. is the address to introduce and distribute all products about ice cream powders, ice cream flavors, ice cream machines, raw beverages that all customers can find out, search, rate, comment on products of gelato ice cream, soft ice cream, ice blend. always focus on advance products made in Italy, USA, Australia, Germany, China, Taiwan …for high market, long term investors, high class luxurious customers. always lead in the ice cream supliers, prioritize the quality of the goods and after sales services. suggest more online shopping benefits! 

You can choose all products in suggested items, check more in home page, the the detail pages in a easy way wherever you are, look at the top of website with Google translation to see more languages that you need to read like English, French …that support. You should pay before we deliver for you, we will guarantee free delivery. If you buy more, you will get more discount. If you are our regular and friendly customers or joined to study at, you will get more our good policy.. Sure we will get a return if the customers are not satisfied of the goods.. share Experience through our sales channels. 

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